Improving security, data integrity, and efficiency by connecting seamlessly with your tech stack.

Thanks to a restful open API and a built-in connection with Zapier, Zengine can easily integrate and share data with more than 2000+ popular software systems. Check out some of the most common connections.

guidestar GuideStar

Ensure the validity of the 501 org anizations applying for grants with this verification tool built into the Zengine administrator workspace.

College Board logo CollegeBoard

Allow students applying to your scholarship program to effortlessly import data from their CollegeBoard profile directly into your application.

salesforce-1 Salesforce

Connect with this popular CRM directly through Zengine, updating current contact records with application receipts, awards won, or other data collected via applications.

Zapier Zapier

Share data and automate workflows by connecting Zengine to thousands of other systems using Zapier. Learn more about how Zapier connections work and the platforms within the network.

active-directory Microsoft Azure Active Directory

Zengine is a part of Microsoft's cloud-based identity and access management service, which helps teams sign in and access resources across thousands of SaaS applications.

sso-1 SSO

Allow for easier, more secure log in to portals or the Zengine administrative workspace using your organization’s verified email credentials. Connection with CRM, AMS, student management system, or faculty management systems can also allow profile data associated with the email used for log in to auto-populate your various form fields.

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